5 rules for a first kiss with a guy

5 rules for a first kiss with a guy

Sooner or later in the life of every girl comes an exciting moment of the first kiss. Before you go to practice and touch lips in a passionate, gentle or light kiss, you should master the theory. Officially, a kiss is a simple touch of lips. It sounds easy and simple. In reality, most girls are afraid of it, because they do not want to seem inexperienced. In fact, there are a huge number of guys who would be happy to be the first to kiss a girl. So, for a perfect first kiss you need a little.

· Love. In extreme cases, sympathy will do. You need to kiss someone you like and who evokes positive emotions. Kissing with anyone to practice is an extremely stupid decision. So you can discourage in general. The first kiss will immediately turn into the last. Therefore, the choice of the lucky one must be approached responsibly, listen to your heart.

· Suitable time and place. The situation: the guy just picked potatoes from a hectare of land. Tired, sweaty drags bags to the car. Agree, the time and place is chosen terribly. Expect enchanting feelings from touching the lips at this time is not worth it. Yes, the picture is slightly exaggerated, but there can be many similar inappropriate moments. A friend passed the exam, finally, completely free from study. It is a great occasion to congratulate him with a light touch of his lips. A walk in the park, a romantic evening in a cozy cafe, watching a movie is an excellent option.

· A sober head. When you drink a little alcohol, a feeling of fear dulls, decisiveness, courage appears. Believe me, these are not the best companions for the first kiss. Firstly, if you kiss a friend when you are drunk, it may turn out that the matter is not limited to this. Your trick can go as far as you did not expect. Secondly, you will want to remember the first touch of lips, slight dizziness. Being drunk, you will easily forget these sensations. In the morning, hardly remember such a touching moment. Therefore, there should be no alcohol.

· Calmness. You need to act calmly and relaxed. Of course, it is difficult to control feelings when the hands are trembling with excitement, and the head is spinning with an abundance of thoughts. Nevertheless, try to calm down as much as possible and enjoy the moment. Remember, this is just a touch of lips that lasts a few seconds. For the first time, a light kiss is enough.

· A wish. As surprising as the last rule may sound, it is very important. If you decide to kiss a guy just because the time has come or he is forcing, then you should not do this. The main thing is that you want it and you are ready for a kiss, both physically and mentally.

If you do not have a boyfriend and you do not have a real kiss in the near future, then you can enter Omegle and Chatroulette and communicate with someone about this topic. Listen to how this important stage in the development of relations took place among others, learn the theory and by the time the guy appears, meet him fully armed. We are sure that you will get unforgettable feelings and pleasure from the long-awaited kiss with your loved one.

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