Choosing a background for a guy’s avatar

Choosing a background for a guy's avatar

The age of technology has changed the norms accepted in society. Young people are more likely to meet on social networks and video chats. If in real life the first thing you pay attention to is appearance, then in the Internet it is the main photo of the account. According to the photograph, the first impression is created. Remember that the more successful the frame, the higher the chance of meeting a girl.

When you do not find the right photo, you decide to take a couple of new pictures. But here is failure, photography is not pleasing to the eye. It is more difficult for guys to take pictures, because many of them believe that posing is typical only for girls.

So, at home, we decided to make a cool photo for the avatar. Get ready, it will not be easy. First of all, you need to choose a room with good light. Secondly, choose the right background.

The background should be without bright and colorful elements. The color of the background depends on the color scheme of the clothes. As well as the style of the desired photo. Choose colors that are saturated but not vibrant. Do not be afraid to experiment. For example, a photograph in a classic business suit will advantageously look on a blue background, gray or even black one.

The background may be a brick wall of the building, murals with the image of the city, it all depends on your imagination.

With the help of a photoshop you can adjust the selected fragment, repaint the background. Each modern smartphone has its own collection of filters. Do not ignore them, use it. If you doubt the correctness of the selected background, then you can use the black and white effect, the gray filter. The whole photo will be repainted. Black and old photographs are always relevant, it lures with its mystery.

Photography is an illustration of human life. It can show that you are fond of travel, skiing, visiting restaurants and tasting new culinary delights, climbing. Thus, people will learn about your interests and hobbies. While on vacation, take a couple of photos against the backdrop of nature surrounding you. Ask a friend you know to take a picture on the selected background.

These photos help you meet like-minded people and start a conversation. The girl will appreciate what is common between you and whether it is worth starting to get acquainted and continue communication.

Do not take a photo only of the face, take a couple of full-frame shots. Girls will appreciate your athletic figure, a sincere smile. Feel free to pose, show your hands. Look confident enough.

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