Choosing an avatar in FaceFlow

Choosing an avatar in FaceFlow

FaceFlow is a site where you can find a soulmate, make new friends, or ommunicate with your friends and family. An avatar is what users will see first before you turn on your webcam. That is why the first impression you make on a stranger depends on the photo. How to choose the right avatar in FaceFlow?

Recommendations for choosing a photo

You can put a real photo or a funny picture, as well as a cartoon character. The latter cases are not so attractive for dating, but they are suitable for people who want to remain anonymous. In addition, you can put a picture with a flower or animal for people who plan to use the chat only as a connection with relatives or old friends – people who have known you for a long time.

If you plan to get acquainted, chat and flirt, it is recommended to give preference to a real photo. It does not need to be full-length, but facial features should be clearly visible. It is enough to take a selfie, smiling at the photo, and upload the image in good quality.

You can complement your image with light makeup and a pretty hairstyle – such an attractive image is guaranteed to be in the spotlight.

A great option is a photo against the background of a beautiful view or landmark. Thanks to this, users will immediately understand that you love to travel, which means that you can talk about a lot of interesting things.

Photos with pets are a great option that will show you a kind and sympathetic person.

What avatars are not recommended?

Remember that there are certain rules to follow in the chat. Here are several types of images that may be prohibited on the site:

1. Intimate photos. The rules do not prohibit sending this kind of content in private messages, however, you must be wearing clothes on the avatar in your profile. Otherwise, the administration will quickly block you.

2. Photos of poor quality. There are no strict requirements for the quality of the photo, however, practice shows that blurry pictures are poorly perceived upon acquaintance, especially if it began in text messages.

3. Photo without a smile. A friendly face is a guarantee that people will want to communicate with you longer. That is why try to keep your face relaxed. Take photos when you are in a good mood, not worried about pressing issues.

Thus, the success and regular communication in the FaceFlow chat often depends on the choice of an avatar. If you wish, you can easily change the avatar in your personal account, for this you just need to upload a new photo. All these rules apply to both women and men – remember that first of all most people look at the appearance of the interlocutor.

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