Features of communication with strangers

Features of communication with strangers

From childhood we are told that you must not communicate with strangers. As adults, we begin to ignore this rule and, as experience often shows, we do it in vain. When communicating in Omegle and Chatroulette you will meet an unknown person. The chances of meeting an acquaintance are minimal there, and the anonymity of users will not allow you to guess who is in front of you. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you adhere to the following online and offline rules:

· Do not disclose personal data. No surnames, addresses, educational institutions, phone numbers, anything that helps a person find you in real life. Unfortunately, no one is safe from meeting a fraud. It is both about dating in real life and on the Internet. Therefore, do not talk about yourself. The interlocutor must gain your trust.

· Do not talk about your family until you understand the essence of the stranger’s interest in you. Perhaps it is just getting through you to one of the relatives. In this case, any member of the family may be safe.

· Do not talk about your financial situation. No need to say that you are rich. Frauds can use wealth data Do not talk about poverty, it can also be used against.

· Refuse meetings until you understand what kind of person is in front of you. Even if you agreed to a date after a long conversation, then do not go alone. Take your girlfriend or brother with you. If you decide to go on a date alone, then do it during the day and always inform relatives, close people, friends with whom and where you went.

· Learn about the person you are talking to. Try to talk less about yourself, ask more questions about the life of a stranger. What does he do in life? What are his hobbies? Do you have any common hobbies? Based on his lifestyle, we can draw the appropriate conclusions about the identity of the stranger. How serious he is and what his plans for you are.

· Speak on abstract topics. Discuss movies, music, books, theater, and sports. You can talk about religion and politics only if you have the same views, otherwise you will get a conflict. Learn about animal attitudes. By reaction to our pets, you can understand the kindness of the soul and his human nature. We definitely appreciate online communication with strangers. But we urge you to follow simple rules that will help identify dangerous and aggressive people. Stop communication with mentally unbalanced people, a conversation with them will not bring to good. Look for good, kind and positive interlocutors. Expand your circle of friends, make new useful contacts.  We wish you positive emotions and exceptionally perfect strangers.

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