How to flirt with a foreigner

How to flirt with a foreigner

When chatting online in chat-roulettes, you can learn to flirt with women from different countries. Flirting can not only be a fun and adventurous adventure, but also open the way for you to a new and completely unfamiliar world. However, note that in different cultures the rules are very different, so it is important to become familiar with etiquette.

Basic rules

If you want women to like you, then you should become a better person. So, you will feel better. You also need to train your voice, including communication in Omegle and Chatroulette. Thanks to this, you will gain the necessary experience and confidence, learn to act decisively. When communicating and flirting in a chat-roulette, men should be:

· Responsive;

· Friendly;

· Sincerely interested in a foreigner and her culture.

You do not need to have a lot of money. Most people will be happy to deal with a friendly and respectful person, even if he does not know anything about their culture and language. Until you are rude or neglectful, everything will be all right.

What girls pay attention to first of all?

Psychologists know that body language (including posture, facial features, and eye contact) makes up 55% of the liking for face-to-face interaction. The voice is important for 38% of girls, and only 7% of the representatives of the opposite sex pay attention to actual words and phrases when flirting.

As a result, only non-verbal behavior affects the feelings. However, before the first acquaintance, you need to take time to cultural differences. French women are more straightforward, they expect a similar quality from a partner. Girls from this country love to both give and accept compliments. However, keep in mind that they are trying to seduce men, flirt in a casual and good-natured manner without sexual connotation. Therefore, one must learn to distinguish one from the other.

English women are a little clumsy, or quite straightforward. They love flirting based on a specific national humor. Excessive close contact should be avoided with the Dutch. It is important to maintain eye contact and some emotional distance.

Swedes rarely exchange winks and an eloquent smile. You should not expect exquisite romance, since there is nothing unusual in offering sex if you liked a Scandinavian girl.

In any case, there are several universal tricks. First of all, you need to establish eye contact, looking at the interlocutor for no more than two seconds. Then smile, but do not overdo it. You do not want to look like a clown. The main law of flirting is the involvement in female energy (body language, manner of behavior).

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