How to hold an interesting dialogue in a chat

How to hold an interesting dialogue in a chat

Dialogue in such a way as to keep the interlocutor’s attention is a real art. Everyone can learn to communicate. We will tell you how to hold an interesting dialogue in a chat.

An excellent interlocutor is someone who knows how to listen, ask the right questions, insert comments and say goodbye in time. How to become one? Here are the top tips.

Anyone can talk about anything

Ask the only question – “What are you doing?” The interlocutor can say about work, sports, hobbies, household matters.

Notice what his attention is directed to, and cling to it. Understanding and accepting the interlocutor’s hobbies will become a bridge to his soul. Ask open-ended questions, beginning with the words “Why,” “How,” “Why,” “Where.” They cannot be answered with “Yes” or “No”.

Use the “I take it for myself” technique

So you show the person what his opinion means to you. For example, a male interlocutor told a girl about how he cleaned a room. Let each step tell in detail! The girl does not need to remember all the nuances, but at the end of the monologue, you must say something like “Cool and professional! I will take it into account!”

Do not talk about yourself too much

Of course, we cannot wait to talk about ourselves. The interlocutor wishes the same! Be smarter – let him speak out, open up. Do not interrupt. Having opened up, the interlocutor will ask you for sure.

Be creative

Forget about phrases like “Hello, how are you?”, “Goodbye!” Especially at the beginning of dating.

Be creative. Start the conversation somehow like this: “You are a fan of snowboarding, are not you? What alternatives are there for this in the summer? I am a beginner.” Those people who seek help usually receive it.

Do not impose

If a person is not configured for communication, leave him alone. Perhaps he has problems studying, working, or at home.

Also do not write 10-20 messages if the interlocutor has not answered the previous ones. The interlocutor will decide that you are a lazy person and you have nothing more to do. Such people are not interesting to anyone.


The interlocutor wrote that he passed the session on “Excellent”? Praise. Builds connected sentences? Mark it out loud or in writing. Writes without errors? Tell the interlocutor how cool it is to meet a competent person.

Do not interrupt

How to understand that a person has finished a cue? After his last sentence, wait 3 seconds. If he is silent, you can say.

Thus, two effects are achieved. First, the person should see that you are considering the information received. Secondly, he can add something to the last cue, thereby completing the thought. Your task is to listen. Correspondence should not be answered too quickly.

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