The most important qualities of a girl

The most important qualities of a girl

If you think that a man, in search of a partner on Omegle and Chatroulette, attaches the greatest importance to appearance, you are mistaken. Representatives of the stronger sex much more value our personality. But a significant role in choosing a beloved one is played by her character and qualities that are most appreciated in women.

Love for children

Sympathy for children is very desirable. A girl who does not like them is not perceived by men as a good candidate for a wife and a mother. Firstly, it is not known whether she wants to have a child. And secondly, there is a risk that she will be a bad mother.


Some women pretend to be who they really are not. They say one thing and think another. Sometimes they discuss people. Men do not tolerate this. It does not matter in relation to whom this behavior is directed. They appreciate a good attitude towards others.

Love to the animals

Men perceive such women as more sensitive and caring than others. They seem to them the best candidates for a permanent relationship.


She does not look for a guy who will support her, because she takes care of her finances. Even if she does not earn a lot of money, she has enough for a decent life, she knows how to manage money.


She does not like to argue and appreciates a peaceful solution. She is always looking for a compromise. During the conversation, he remains calm, puts forward rational arguments and does not use dirty words.

Career is not important

Although men love ambitious women, they believe that a career should not be a priority. What then, in their opinion, is of the greatest importance? Family and friends.

Lack of excessive expectations

She understands that everyone can have problems. She does not perceive men as a bank account, does not count on him rushing to her every call. She recognizes that both people are important in a relationship.


She is not ashamed to be a woman, but, on the contrary, is proud of it. She does not pretend that she does not need help, although sometimes it happens. She does not use dirty words. She does not get drunk. When a guy tries to be gallant, lets him do it.

Likes people

If she has a bad opinion about someone, she does not tell it. The guy is sure that such a girl in case of conflict does not stipulate him in front of friends.


Guys love the company of girls who cannot complain about boredom. Ladies who are full of ideas look interesting and attractive. Life with such a partner will never be colorless and dull.

Does not appreciates selfishness

Although sacrifices are sometimes necessary, their significance cannot be exaggerated. A girl who does not appreciate selfishness understands that her happiness is as important as the happiness of other family members. In addition, a happy wife or a mother creates a pleasant atmosphere at home.

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