Which clothes to choose for a first date with a girl

Which clothes to choose for a first date with a girl

Communication in text format or in special chat-roulettes gives you the opportunity to meet many people at once and have a good time. Sometimes a random choice of the interlocutor in Omegle and Chatroulette leads to the understanding that you want to continue communication in real life. Any previous communication can spoil the first impression in a real meeting, so it is important to think about your image and clothes.

First, you should choose a general image, and then pay attention to the smallest details. When trousers of light fabric are a priority for a date, you will have to think about appropriate underwear and fresh, matching socks. There are details that define the whole impression. Any selected clothing should be clean and ironed, as any perfect ensemble and global brand can destroy unpleasant stains.

You should choose clothes that visually distinguish you from all the others, i.e. usual and beloved jeans, along with a black sweater, will have to be postponed or at least replaced the top with a bright designer shirt. Many men, in attempts to show maximum style and beauty, go too far, put on things that they do not understand and cannot wear, which ultimately leads to awkward behaviour. Your goal is not to create a new image, but to maximize your disclosure.

If a male biker does not even get out of garages, then it makes no sense to come in a business suit, but you can change a worn jacket to stylish one. Those who walk most of their lives in a sporty style also do not need to leave it, but only replace the t-shirt with a more concise version. Win-win options for everyone are:

· White or beige sneakers or shoes;

· A light but colourful t-shirt;

· Jeans of a classical cut and colour or trousers casual.

If the first date is on the street or in a fairly simple coffee house, then the clothes should be casual. Any casual option or the way you meet friends will do. A bouquet of flowers for a girl, and not a tie, can add an atmosphere of romanticism and significance. For dates in nature, clothing in general should play an exclusively practical role.

A date in nature is getting emotions and it is unlikely that a girl who wants to get to know you how the person will pay great attention to the clothing brand, but she will definitely notice your inability to commemorate the moment if you come to the ranch in patent leather shoes.

Dinner in a good expensive restaurant implies compliance with a certain dress code, and here you will need a costume. The same rule applies to various events, such as a theatre, exhibition or premiere. Not every man has the appropriate clothes in his wardrobe and this does not mean at all that it is urgent to buy a suit for the first date. Remember that the initiative and suggestions about the place and way of spending time should come from a man and choose the location where you will feel comfortable.

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